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This Might Be The Most Straight-To-The-Point And Real Letter You'll
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As soon as you create your 4% Group FREE account, you'll immediately be taken to our famous '7 Steps To Results' guide and hit the ground running!

New Member Orientation (strategy is everything.)
Here you will immediately discover the biggest secret behind our massive success with promotional campaigns and why they're so effective. We will go over: details, strategy and plan for domination.
Quick Setup & Multiple Streams of Income Activation
Right away, we'll get to it. In this step we'll get your payment account setup so you can get paid. You'll also be able to activate your multiple streams of income so you can get paid from up to 10 different sources - all passively! 
Your "Cash Machine" Setup
We create industry-shacking, massive results-getting, records-setting custom funnels and marketing systems for everything we promote. In this step you will setup your very own 'done-for-you' marketing funnel ready to make you money.
Power Activation. (How To Get Results in 24 hours)
By this time, you'll have your complete marketing system setup. In this step you'll get specific instructions on exactly what you can do to start generating sales and results in as soon as 24 hours without spending any money on ads.
Plant Your Flag, Become Unstoppable.
In this step you'll learn what all of our top income earners, without exception have in common and how you can model what they do. You'll learn how to save a bunch of money and immediately maximize and multiply your income. 
Do This To Create 'Invisible Power' 
In this step we dive into the #1 secret for creating what we call your "Invisible Power". If you want to get to levels of massive success, you must follow certain rules. In this step you'll learn how to virtually guarantee your dominance.
Operation $100K
This is where we take things to a whole other level. Imagine being a "fly on the wall" and watch Vick create a brand new campaign from scratch and generate $100K in commissions. You get to see every move, every click - in real time!
Just How Powerful Is The 4% Group System?
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Home 4 Corners Alliance | Power Lead System | Four Percent Group




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